The Britannica Quizmaster

The Britannica Quizmaster

Developed by Focus Multimedia
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License type: Commercial

Everybody know that even when you finish a formal studying process, you'll be always learning new things. That's is to say, learning process is an endless process. It's proven that one of the most popular and successful methods of acquiring knowledge is through quizzing. That's why Britannica Quizmaster was created by its editors, a CD-ROM compilation of quizzes derived from the world's greatest source of knowledge, Britannica Encyclopaedia.

This amazing and unique compilation gathers more than 2,800 questions and answers. Not only that, each answer is provided with a complete explanation of the subject of the related question.

The Britannica Quizmaster PC CD-ROM gives you a choice of playing the quiz the way you want to. Covering a wide range of specialist subjects including Geography, History, Literature, Science and Sports - you can choose your favourite subject, time your quiz, and know your score.

So, whether you are compiling a quiz for yourself or looking for a way to amuse yourself, family or friends, there is sure to be something on this PC CD-ROM to challenge your mind.

Check out the following requirements list to see if it meets your system:

* PC Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
* PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium 200 or equivalent
* Hard Drive Space (MB): 20MB
* Memory: 32MB (64MB Recommended)
* Graphics: 800x600x16bit colours
* Audio: Any 100% Windows compatible soundcard
* Printer: Not Required

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